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    WellysMeteringCoLtd(Grewout ofNingboYinzhouQiu’aiZhengtai Rubber& Plastic factory) founded in 1983, has been 30 years of history is a professional engaged in the housingstructure of electric power meter manufacturing firms. The company set research and development, mold design and development manufacture in one, with many domestic first electric energy meter production enterprises to establish a long-term, good relations of cooperation.

    The company’s technology strength, rapid response, and thoughtful service, all kinds of terminal knob, single-phase, three-phase case variety,and can accordingto customer requirements quickly customized special specifications of samples and products, until the customer satisfaction.At presentthe company in the sameindustryR&D strength to come out in front, the production process of some products for my companyunique.cost contro become anindependent school,chanaina the traditiona process industry shortcominas. so that the quality of the yield of the product are greatly enhanced.

    The company has alwavs been adherinato thecustomer firstquality first’purpose. adhere to continuous improvement of s09001 quality management systemtheconstant pursuit of customer satisfaction, continue to strengthen the production equipment and testing equipment and human resources investmentthe company has a professional quality management team, production standardization, process standardization the automation degree ishigher to ensure that thestability of product quality and process.

    The wind and rain for more than thirty years,Huili sincere people withintegrity, pragmatic,innovation, win-win’ concept, in market competition to establish a good market reputation. to meet customer demand at home and abroad.

    Wellys is sincerelylookingforward tocooperatina with customers both at home and abroad to create a alorious futurel.